MACEDONIA Recipes from the Balkans is a compilation of the most classic and celebrated Macedonian dishes. With 105 recipes and corresponding photos, the book's chapters include: 

MEZE – Starters
Starters are a big part of the Macedonian cuisine and culture. They are served in the afternoons or as an appetizer to guests. They are often served with an alcoholic beverage or wine. Each dish is simple to prepare and great for sharing.

SALATA – Salads
Geographically, Macedonia is on the same latitude as Central Italy and is known for its rich agriculture. There are a broad variety of salads that are part of the culture and it is common to serve more than one as a part of the main meal.

SUPA – Soups
Soups are a big part of the Macedonian culinary repertoire. They are filled with meat, poultry and fish along with a variety of vegetables. The soups usually feature seasonal ingredients.

MESO – Meat
The main meats in the Macedonian cuisine are lamb, pork and beef. This chapter highlights a variety of preparations in which those meats are enjoyed from roasting, stewing and grilling.

ZHIVINA – Poultry
Chicken and game birds are very popular in the Macedonian cuisine. The recipes in this chapter highlight the most common recipes that would be prepared in Macedonian kitchens and restaurants.

RIBA – Fish
Macedonia is not on the Mediterranean but has an abundance of freshwater lakes and rivers. Although the Macedonian cuisine is Mediterranean in style, it differs with regards to fish and seafood.  I focused on the fish that was most readily available to my local fish monger but these recipes can be adapted using fish you may have locally available.

ZELENCHUK – Vegetables and Sides
The fresh produce in Macedonia makes up a big part of the diet. Vegetables, grains, beans, and legumes are really celebrated and commonly cooked with.  With “family style” eating, many of these recipes are part of a single meal.

LEB – Breads
Macedonians are very well known for their baked goods.  With a variety of breads and savory pastries they are a staple for all occasions. Bourek in particular is one of Macedonia's classic street foods that can be prepared with a variety of fillings.

SLATKO – Sweets
In this chapter, there are a wide array of sweets from cakes to cookies, strudels, fried doughs and puddings. The flavors of nuts, citrus and cinnamon are common in Macedonian desserts.

 ZIMNICA- Preserves
Preserves are a big part of the diet. With such an abundance in agriculture it is important to preserve fruits and vegetables to carry through the winter. Jams, pickled vegetables, and yogurt are among the favorites.